Technology GiveAway
Technology GiveAway

Do you love technology as much as we do?

Do you want an exciting project for the classroom? Every so often we provide technology to schools to inspire students and teachers alike!

See details of previous giveaways below. Contact us to register your interest for future giveaways.

Winter 2017 - Flight Tracking with PiAware (Offer closed)

We are passionate about supporting technology in schools and as your educational travel specialist we love travel. What happens when you mix the two?

We have 10 Raspberry Pi educational computers and associated flight tracking hardware to give away. Using the freely available PiAware software you will be able to track aircraft in your area and input data into the global flightAware aircraft tracking system.

This offer is obligation free and full support will be provided to get you up and running in the classroom. All we ask is that you register the PiAware with FlightAware, that you keep it running for 24 months, and that you share your progress and results with us.

The give away includes all necessary hardware. The hardware package includes:

  • Raspberry Pi computer
  • Power supply
  • Case
  • FlightAware Pro Stick Plus
  • Indoor aerial
  • SD card

There is a limit of one hardware package per school. This offer is available to the first 10 schools that contact us and that have a suitable Internet connection.

Internet and local network requirements:

  • Wired and wireless networks are supported
  • DHCP is supported for obtaining an IP address on your local network. We recommend a DHCP reservation or a fixed IP address to enable easier connectivity on your local network.
  • At this time proxy servers are not supported
  • Outbound Internet access is required to for reporting flight status
  • Outbound Internet access is required to and for operating system updates
  • Outbound Internet access is required to for time syncronisation (unless defined by DHCP)
  • A typical site will use approximately 300MB of data per month

Google “PiAware” for more information on the technology used. Contact us now to receive your hardware and get started.